A young man stands in his bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 18th of June, is this young man's birthday. Thirteen years ago he was given life, but for some inexplicable reason it is only today he will be given a name!

What will the name of this young man be?

> Enter name.

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probably final god tiers and strife specibi????
Posted at 1:51pm on September 29th - 15 NOTES


i changed them a lot woah


Michael – Heir of Light


Sam – Page of Space


Steve – Prince of Time


Lorene – Mage of Mind



The Spine – Thief of Space


Broker – Seer of Doom


Cave – Heir of Mind

bookkind, canekind

Shortcircuit – N/A


Iffy – Page of Void


Malfunction – Witch of Hope


Wisteria – Sylph of Light


Apple – Knight of Breath


Data – Queen of Life


The Jon – Mage of Heart


Addison – Maid of Blood


Rabbit – Rogue of Time


i imagine it being incredibly hard to take The Jon seriously.

also i probably typo’ed somewhere since i switched around the classes and aspects so much, so PLEASE let me know if there are any repeats, and i’ll fix them right away.

Cave’s Introduction Page
Posted at 11:01pm on July 24th - 0 NOTES


Your name is CAVEFISH, though you prefer to be called CAVE by your friends. You were built in 1961 by DOCTOR OSCAR TRACEY. You were later given to COLONEL PETER WALTER I so that he could perform repairs to correct your MALFUNCTIONING EYESIGHT. However, he eventually decided to keep you as you showed promise in your trade.

Said trade involved the sorting and placement of books. During your short time in the Walter Manor, you maintained COLONEL WALTER’S STUDY and PERSONAL LIBRARY. Nowadays, you do the same with your own LIBRARY.

Boy, do you have a lot of BOOKS. You estimate that you have acquired at least TWO HUNDRED OF THEM. You have read all of them a number of times, but unfortunately you do not have the means to obtain more of them. There are no BOOKSTORES or PUBLIC LIBRARIES on your planet. You have tried to write your own BOOKS to satisfy your need for NEW MATERIAL. However, you never seem to be able to finish them.

>Find cane.

Ah, there it is! Perhaps now you won’t be as susceptible to running into walls and other obstructions. You really should stop trying to walk sans cane. It is becoming quite a nuisance attempting to buff out the dents and scratches in your forehead. It is rather easy for you to navigate around words, but not so much navigating around your home.

Because you are blind, COLONEL WALTER installed sensors into the tips of your fingers that allow you to see colour. It doesn’t help much in walking around, but it certainly aides you in reading.

>Retrieve prized novel.

The Jon: Locate deck of cards
Posted at 1:16am on July 7th - 15 NOTES


[S]:==>Be a magician.

i uuuh. neglected to reblog the finished first page.

here you go! more work from this lovely artist. :)

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[S]:==> Take a ride on your quessadilla!
Posted at 1:14am on July 7th - 131 NOTES



Random Information Relating to Rabbit and The Spine’s Moiraillagence
Posted at 11:15pm on July 5th - 1 NOTES

Sometimes, The Spine will just disappear and not talk to Rabbit for days on end. Rabbit really should be used to it, but he still grows a bit concerned when this happens.

It’s during one of these absences that Data kills The Spine. A day later, Rabbit finds him. It is believed for a while that it is too late for The Spine to be repaired. Eventually, they do manage to fix him and bring him back, but I haven’t figured out how yet.

[S]:==> ???
Posted at 8:09pm on July 5th - 31 NOTES


Seems like your quessadilla wants your attention…
You promised to take good care of your pets, remember?
You should play with him a bit!

[S]:==> Take a ride on your quessadilla !

[S]:==> Be a magician.
Posted at 8:08pm on July 5th - 24 NOTES



Typing Styles (Humans)
Posted at 7:10pm on July 5th - 0 NOTES

Michael: does not use any capitalization and only uses terminal punctuation.

Sam: does not use any capitalization, but uses proper punctuation.

Steve: does not use capitalization or any punctuation whatsoever

Lorene: Uses proper capitalization and punctuation.

Typing Quirks (Robots)
Posted at 7:08pm on July 5th - 1 NOTES

The Spine: Ttypes witth proper capittalizattion and puncttuattion. Doubles his Tt’s where tthey are nott already doubled. TTYPES IN ALL CAPS WHEN ANGRY.

Broker: Uses (proper punctuation and) capitalization. Places parenthesis randomly (throughout the) sentence.

Cave: tyrtyUses correct capitalization and punctuation. Struggles to find the first letter in a line, and tends to key smash a bit before starting his sentence.

Iffy: alternates BETWEEN all CAPS and NO caps BETWEEN each WORD. uses ONLY terminal PUNCTUATION.

Shortcircuit: [no quirk- does not have any spamlogs]

Malfunction: does not use any capitalization, but uses correct punctuation… ends every sentence in ellipses…

Wisteria: *types using no capitalization and only terminal punctuation. encases her typing inside two asterisks.*

Apple: does not use proper CATpitalization, but uses correct punctuAPEtion. uses animal puns, and capitalizes them.

Data: Uses proper capitalizat1 and punctuat1. Constantly makes number puns. (such as: “before” = b4, “tends to be” = 10s 2 be)


Addison: doesnt use any caps and only uses terminal punctuation! frequently uses many exclamation points!!!!!! abreves lots of her words!!!!

Rabbit: CapiTALizes the f first LEtter in a sentence. Overall has veRY inconSIstent c c capitalizATION. Also stUTTers frequently.



Qwerty - typs w/out caps or punctuation uses chat speak and lots of emotions lol :)

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